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ports medicine – this is a separate branch of medicine responsible for medical monitoring of athletes. This field has been gaining momentum over the past years, with an awareness of the impact of the athlete’s health on the physical condition and on disease prevention.
Today, an athlete must pass medical exams by an authorized sports medicine physician indicating a state of health and competency, before they can engage in sports. Activity in any sport requires preventive testing, and a thorough examination by a sports medicine specialist.
The Medical Center in cooperation with the "Physical 1-st Institute" performs the following tests:
  • Check the physical condition of the athlete by a Sports physician with a license from the Ministry of Health
  • Height, weight, BMI measurement
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Cardiac diagnostics (ECG, ergometric tests)
  • Additional tests which can be assigned separately, depending on the results of the survey or at the request of a specific sport
  • At the end of the test and according to the findings the athlete will receive a document indicating that he is fit and can engage in his chosen sports

The Medical Center provides additional services for athletes:
  • Treatment for athletes following injuries
  • Ultrasound and other tests if necessary
  • Expert orthopedic advice
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation, physical therapy, complementary medicine, massage
  • Dietitian consultation
  • Pain expert consultation
  • Personal trainer